Welcome to Texas Elkdom! 



Come on in, make yourself at home and browse a while.

If you are a Texas Elk you will find out about upcoming events, get the latest program information to help our Veterans and our kids, and keep up with goings-on at the Texas Elks Children's Services center in Ottine.

If you are an out of state Elk, welcome to Texas!  It's great to have you stop by.  Think of this site as being similar to visiting other Lodges, and check out the Texas Elks State Association and our major projects as summer camp for special needs kids (where being different doesn't make a difference) and our special needs grant program. 

These programs positively benefit hundreds of kids and families in Texas every year.

If you are not an Elk, why not?  If you have an interest in helping kids and/or Veterans, we have many programs that you may enjoy being a part of. Take a look at our state publication, the TESANews and see what kinds of help our local Lodges are providing to their - to your - communities.  Then contact the Elks Lodge in your neighborhood and arrange a visit. 

We'd love to have you join us in the great works that Elks do around Texas and around the country.